Isklatring in Golsjuvet

"Finally man! Finally! I´m going ice climbing this weekend!" This was the message I sent to Plablo (see before heading to Golsjuvet, 5h drive eastward from Bergen and situated directly south of Hemsedal. This is my 3rd winter in Norway and for my climbing buddies in Baskerland is kind of a shame that I haven´t done any ice climbing yet. "WTF people does there!!" would say Plablo. I was totally convinced that this winter would the one. It took some time to convince some folks to join but finally I managed. Friday afternoon Nor, Seb and me start driving from Bergen in Ameliatheadventurevan. At our arrival in Gol Stine (Seb´s local friend) gave us a really nice welcoming at her place. We drink some beers and talk about tomorrow´s plan looking at the guidebook. So many icefalls around here within 50km drive. This is exciting! Finally we decide on Golsjuvet, jsut 10min drive from here and head to bed. These guys inside and Nor and me a…

Trail running in Hjørundfjord

This weekend we drive north from Bergen to one of the most beautiful regions in Vest-Norge, Sunnmørsalpene. The weather forecast looks quite promising for the 4 days that we have estimated to complete our trail running trip around the whole fjord: Hjørundfjorden rundt - 120km and ca. 6000m of positive elevation gain. We bring light backpacks and intend to sleep in the DNT cabins on the way.
On Thursday we started running from Barstadvik around 17:30 under a light but persistent rain. 20km and 1500m elevation gain ahead of us and only 3-4h of light to reach Standalshytta. It gets dark when we are only half way. It is quite challenging to find the way because there are no clear trails in this section of the route, but thanks to the GPS (and Tom’s knowledge on how to use it) we manage. It’s already 11PM when we finish the last climb of the day. It has stopped raining and the perfectly full moon is strong enough for us to continue in the dark and enjoy the beauty and the silence of the …